Cleanse with Care

Posted on May 4, 2018 in Good Stuff, Other Stuff, Uncategorized
Cleanse with Care

Ditching plastic shower gel bottles and going back to good old fashioned soap seems like a good idea right now. So these beautiful bars from A.S Apothecary are timely. Made with care in a small scale distillery, from plants grown on an organic farm and other natural natural ingredients, such as olive oil and shea butter, the soaps (and other skincare products) are made to heal and nourish.

Founder, Amanda Saurin is a traditional apothecary and homeopath, who learnt the art of distillation, whilst living in Cyprus. Now based in Sussex, she uses her knowledge and appreciation of the transformative power of scent to distil petals and plants and create essential oils. These then form the foundation of her soaps, lotions and therapeutic balms.

The company do not test their products on animals, or deal with anyone who does. The prices might seem a tad steep to some but they are comparable to most beauty ‘brands’ (where most of the cost goes into marketing rather than the actual product or ingredients). Start the day with this stuff and you’ll feel well and truly cleansed.

Mint and Charcoal Detox Soap, £8

A.S. Apothecary, also available at Rowen and Wren